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Internet Pastor and God’s Daytimer

February 22, 20100 Comments

Two of the blogs that I have started along the way are Internet Pastor Online and God’s Daytimer.  I have been trying different ideas with both of these sites over the last two years.  Internet Pastor has been the site where I have posted all of my weekly sermons and Bible studies, including audio files, video files and notes.  God’s Dayimer started out as a daily devotion site, but as of late it more like a once or twice a week devotion.  With this blog, A Jesus Moment, coming online I have been praying about making some changes to my two old stand by sites.

Internet Pastor Online gets a lot of visitors every day and a lot of them are looking for help.  I have been emailing back responses to as many of these folks as I can, but I think I will begin to change the format on that site so that the people who are visiting the site can help answer the people who are writing in.  For now, I will continue to post my weekly sermons and Bible studies on te Internet Pastor site.

God’s Daytimer has a modest following on RSS and email subscription.  I am praying about how to incorporate what I was doing on God’s Daytimer into this site. My hope is that this will free me up to just write on a daily basis here on A Jesus Moment.

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