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What is the Motivation?

March 31, 20100 Comments

Those of you who know me, know that I made a decision about a year and half ago to unplug from the 24 hour cable news stuff. I had gotten in the habit of having them on in the background of my life. I realized that I was feeling stressed all the time, and so I just turned it off.

The problem for me was that the motivation behind all of the rhetoric was and is fear. Bring on a panel a people and discuss a situation to death and lay out the worst case scenarios and get people stirred up so that they keep watching and tuning in to see if the worst case happens. Make sure you make one group of people the bad guys so that you can take your fear and then change it into a form of hatred, because hatred and fear go hand in hand.

There is a bigger picture. No matter what happens, God is in control. I am not saying we should be apathetic when it comes to world events or politics. I just think we have to remember that as believers, our motivation should never be fear, it should be love. Let me give you something to think about. When was the last time you prayed for or showed love to someone that holds a different political view point then you do. Even if those people actually were your enemy (which they are not, they just have a different opinion) as a believer your responsibility would be to bless them and not curse them. I think all the fear being whipped up makes us forget that we already have something better than what we will ever achieve politically. We have the unconditional, unfailing love, of our Heavenly Papa.

For me personally, even though there are political issues that I care about deeply, I just don’t want to be a hater. So, I am praying for people who have different opinions than I do (and not mean I hope they figure it our prayers, but real before God, bless them and love them prayers). It just feels a lot better in my soul.

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