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So What is a Jesus Moment

February 21, 20100 Comments

So, what is a Jesus moment?  Good question, since I asked it, let me try and answer it as well.  A Jesus moment is not easily defined because it can happen in such a wide variety of ways.  Not to be confused with a “come to Jesus moment” which is a phrase that is used to describe a meeting where someone is laying down the law or the line to someone else.  A Jesus moment can be a small encounter which many people would like to write off as coincidence.  For example, a few days ago I was thinking about an event that I was having at the church and that I really needed to get a hold of the guy who owns the Chinese restaurant in town and see what it would take to get the event catered.  I stopped at the bank, went in and did what I needed to do, and on the way out, there was owner of the Chinese restaurant.  Coincidence?  No, a Jesus moment.

A Jesus moment can also be a big thing.  The first time I ever went on a mission trip to Cuba, I was looking for a guy named Luis who had visited with one of our friends about five years before that.  We didn’t know where in Cuba Luis lived, where he went to church, we didn’t even know his last name.  There are a lot of people named Luis in Cuba.  The first night in country, at the first church we went to, half way through the service, the Luis we were looking for walked in.  Coincidence? No, a Jesus moment.

A Jesus moment can be a simple impression from the Lord.  It might be a sweet time in worship, or a light bulb going off as you read the Bible.  I beleive that all of our lives are filled with Jesus moments and that as we can begin to really be aware of them, it will have a significant impact in our day to day lives.

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