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Have You Found the Romans Road?

March 26, 20100 Comments

A few weeks ago I taught on the Passover and the symbols of communion. If you missed that teaching, I have included the video of that message at the end of this post. It is about twenty minutes long, but many people who watched it told me that they had learned some things that they had never seen or heard before. One of my favorite parts of the teaching is about the afikomen. The afikomen was a part of the bread that was celebrated at the end of the Passover meal. This piece of bread was removed from the middle section of the matzah tash and was broken. The children were asked to leave the room and then a piece of the broken bread was wrapped in a white linen and hidden somewhere in the room. The children were then let back in and they would try and find the afikomen. Whoever found it would win a prize. Who do you know whose body was broken, was wrapped in white linen and hidden in a tomb, and when you find Him you receive a prize? The answer is Jesus, and the best prize ever given to anyone, eternal life is given to those who find Him and receive Him as their Lord and Savior.

God has given us so many amazing pictures about who Jesus is and what he would accomplish not only in the Passover, but in all the feasts that His children were commanded to celebrate. Sometimes, though, even when something is right in from of us, we can’t see it. Perhaps it is our worldview or our preconceived ideas and paradigms, but we need to ask God for eyes to see and ears to hear all that He has for us. With that in mind, I had an idea to take and hide the scriptures which are generally referred to as the “Roman’s Road to Salvation”, on the Jesus Moment site. Next time you have a few minutes, check around and see if you can find them. Use the Contact form to let me know if you found them and how you found them.

Follow Me – Part 4 from Internet Pastor on Vimeo.

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