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Telling It Like It Could Be

April 30, 20100 Comments

You may have heard the expression, “I just tell it like it is”. That is not necessarily bad as long as what you are doing is speaking the truth in love. I have noticed however, that most people who claim to tell it like it is are usually just rude people. When someone starts off a sentence with, “I don’t mean to be rude but…”, you need to know they are about to be rude and they usually mean to be. But I think there is something better than telling it like is, and that is telling it like it could be. Our tendency in telling it like it is, is to label someone as no good this or no good that. That is not usually helpful to anyone, as it doesn’t inspire them to change. It usually keeps them stuck in their present situation. However, when you use your words to encourage people or build them up, you are bringing faith and hope into the situation. Instead of just telling it like it is, try telling it as it could be instead.

Telling It Like It Could Be from Steve Lawes on Vimeo.

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