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thankful5 – August 4 2017

August 4, 20172 Comments

What are you thankful for? Take a moment to read what others are thankful for and then add your thankful5 below!

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  1. Dixie Lee says:

    I am thankful:

    To awaken praying to my Lord
    For the future and all it holds for us as Christians
    For my true friends……few but steadfast and loyal
    For our home church and church family!
    For His life…,,so long ago yet each of us follow His words, thoughts, actions and reactions fervently today.

  2. June Crumley says:

    I am thankful:
    1. For another day to help at the Vineyard.
    2. To be a blessing to others and share the Word.
    3. For our wonderful, comfortable home.
    4. Our president is a Christian and God is guiding him.
    5. For dinner with friends.

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